Construction Consultancy


Exemplary services

Advanced Construction modeling with 3D Interface

Re-defined construction
modeling–with step by step construction
methodology. This is easy to understand pictorial process charts of on-site execution.


Below are the few highlights of our intended service in this field:

  • Removes discrepancies regarding drawings & other Technical aspects
  • Reduces and nullifies wastage
  • Easy to understand and easy to execute process
  • Economizes resources
  • Appropriate and detailed calculation of works

Pre-Eminent Turnkey

Anvaya Brings together the aspiration of group of people to live together, to fulfill their dream of their own dwelling, in their own desired ways.


  • Selective Neighborhood of good friends
  • A Dwelling of your dream
  • Tailor made solutions

Process Modeling

Anvaya offers to establish all the methods and standard procedures for your organization. We, at Anvaya, understand your business and design the modeling of the processes, so as to give you a desired outcome.


We link your business activities through standard method statement in most optimized way so that the wealth maximization for the organization is possible.
We design strategy for business expansion and offer solutions through business integration and Diversification. We, target linking the organization strategy to project strategy, and aim to achieve a common interest of all the stakeholders of the organization. This service will benefit our prospective clients in:

  • Reducing multiple working loops
  • Effective & Smooth Communication line
  • Expand your business conforming to International Standardss

Cloud Planning

Anvaya provides you the Isolated department of Project Planning. We are here to provide you all the expertise for Planning, Monitoring, Scheduling and Tracking your project, enhanced with optimized resource planning.


Cloud planning enables you to schedule all the activities of project in the optimum duration and optimum resources. The Master Construction Schedule facilitates tracking periodical targets and budgets pertained to the project. Our expert team will also analyze the Cost Variance and Schedule Variance, and helps you control the variance with the economization in the project.